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Let's Get Digital If you just want to upload a video to the web and show it on your computer's screen, use this app. Here's how to do it in Step 10. Share Your Stories If you need to share a video with your friends, sharing an online video requires an extra step, which is covered in Step 12. What Is the Internet, Really? The Internet is a giant combination of computers and the web. When you send a message (email or text) on a phone or computer, that message travels through all these computers and webpages to get to the person it's intended for. You can use your computer's webcam to make video calls to your friend's computer, or you can Skype to make a video call to the person on the other side of the world. You can use your computer to email a video or your friend to watch on the computer. You can play videos right on the computer. You can even upload videos to share with people on the web. The possibilities are really endless. LOOK FOR THE EXPLANATION TO "DOWNLOAD AND SAVE THE VIDEO". Connect your phone to the computer. 1. Find your phone in the drop-down menu called "Phone". Your phone might not show up here if it's not connected to the computer. 2. Click the phone, and it appears. 3. Click the green arrow to open the camera. 4. Click **Take Video**. If you get a message saying "You can't take a video right now." there might be another program or phone call running on your computer that's blocking the camera. Try closing the other program or phone call. 5. Click **Save Video**. A box will open and you'll see the video that you just took. 6. Click the green arrow to return to the top of the camera screen. 7. Click the **Back** button (the triangle in the upper-right corner of your screen) to close the box. 8. Open an Internet browser. 9. In the top-right corner, click **Share on Facebook**. Your video will appear in the text box. 10. Click **Send**. Your friends will get a message that says that they'll get the video in a few minutes. Playing a Video




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Winning Eleven 8 Ole Mix.rar narraph
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