Why this Subscription Box is the BEST for your Deployment Countdown!

If you have been a part of military life for any length of time, you will realize that at one point or another, deployments will happen. When they do, it can seem like you are the only one going through it. You start to scour the boards, looking for advice on how to stay sane, how to cope when you have children at home and what to expect.

Whether this is your first deployment, or 10th, it is a constant learning experience. One ritual (tradition, maybe?) that many military families go through is to have deployment count downs in their home. These can range from having a wall dedicated to their service member, paper chains counting down the days, or a jar of chocolate kisses for each night they are gone. This is especially helpful and fun for families with kids!

After all, who DOESN'T like getting a piece of chocolate each night as they wait for their family member to come home?

But what about for YOU, the MILSO? Although you may also enjoy the daily treats - I know I do - it can be a lot of work for you to plan, create, and then carry out the countdowns.

What if all the work was done for you? And I mean literally...for YOU!

As a military spouse, I have been asked so by civilians what I may want or need, especially during special occasions. Have you ever been at a loss for what to say in response? I know I have.

Whether you are the new mom about to have a baby without your service member, the military spouse holding down the fort with four kids at home, or the boyfriend/girlfriend who is spending countless evenings alone, Brave Crate is the ultimate deployment countdown in a box! Plus it's perfect for a little self-care in the area of retail therapy and happy mail for you!

About the Founder!

Becky Hoy believes that "deployment is one of the best things that has ever happened for the growth of my marriage and my own personal development." For real! That is a quote from HER! As an Army spouse whose husband has been deployed or otherwise away from home for roughly half of their entire marriage, Becky believes that wishing away the days during deployment is not a good option for MILSOs. To share this message Becky founded Brave Crate.

One of the best things about Brave Crate and Becky is that she shares weekly tips and inspiration on Instagram and Facebook in the way of lives, posts and as a blogger for Brave Blog. She is also the creator of a deployment positive support community for MILSOs called Brave Board.

What is Brave Crate?

Brave Crate is a themed subscription box for women dealing with the deployment of their significant other. I personally have been a subscriber for over a year and have been able to use and try out each of the products.

Past boxes have included full-sized products from small shops and MILSO/Vet-owned companies, each based on a different theme for the month that focuses on the MILSO and her deployment journey. For instance, the Habit and Hobbies month included a journal to track habits and your progress on old and new goals!

Each month also comes with a deployment challenge and calendar that matches the theme of the box. Included is an item to also send to your SO on deployment, so you can feel connected throughout the separation. There is also a Facebook group and special online learning opportunities based on the theme. Plus, there is almost ALWAYS something edible.... a treat just for YOU!

Why is Brave Crate important?

Deployments are not easy. Trust me, I’m no different. Between being lonely, wondering if our SOs are ok and holding down the fort at home, it can feel hard. Additionally, during deployments, we do not have the ability usually to focus on ourselves in the same way that we may when out SOs are around or we may be more prone to wallow in self-pity!

Neither of these options are ideal for a MILSO. Brave Crate actively assists the waiting warrior to shift our focus away from counting the days and onto setting goals and finding joy- so that we can conquer the deployment countdown and meet our spouse at homecoming as the strongest and most resilient version of ourselves. That's what self-care is all about as a MILSO!

How to sign up?

Currently, Becky offers one, three and six month subscription options. Head on over to Brave Crate to get started on your deployment countdown! You choose the length of time, put in your payment and mailing info and Becky does the rest! And be sure to use code MILSPOCO for $5 off your first box!

So take a look at Brave Crate when you are prepping for your upcoming deployment. Or take it from me; you don't even need a deployment to sign up. I look forward to my box each and every month!

Hi, I'm Noralee! I'm a military wife of 10 years, mother of three under 4, and lover of southern comfort food, my planner and dark chocolate. In between our 7 deployments and 4 PCSs, when I'm not reading kid books, changing diapers or grocery shopping, I love to run, read and cook freezer meals to feed my family. Military life has a way of bringing out the worst or best in us and I want to help everyone be their best even on their worst day! I am passionate on how to manage home and family while focusing on self-care and finding a tribe in this crazy life! Connect with me at:







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