PCS Reform Renegade: Meet Megan Harless

TEXARKANA, TX- Armed Forces Insurance Branch Level Military Spouse of the Year Award voting is open! Megan Harless is an Army spouse, and veteran, who has been nominated to represent the United States as the Army Branch Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the year. After winning the award for the Red River Army Depot as the Base Level winner, she made it to the top 18- a collection of spouses from all branches that have been recognized for their immense contributions to the military community.

Who is Megan Harless?

Megan, a Hogwarts Hufflepuff, is an introverted-extrovert. She met her husband in college and they have now completed 10 PCS’s in 14 years. They have three high-energy children (all born in different states), aging from 6 to 12. They travel the countryside in search of the world’s best chocolate. Megan loves to travel, is a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and can be found with a taco in hand and audio book on blast. She really is one of the most kind and caring people in our community.

What’s the problem? The PCS Problem:

PCS Season will impact all branches of service at least once. Up to 400,000 service members and their families each year will be in prime position for cross country moves and relocation. The PCS process is broken and it is just now starting to pick up traction as a hot button issue in need of repair. Moving is one of the most emotional and stressful activities of a person’s life, and when done improperly, military families are forced to suffer through tough moves with tons of broken items.

What is Megan doing about it?

In 2018, Megan started an online petition through change.org for accountability and transparency of moving companies serving the military community. The petition gained national attention from Congress, the U.S. Transportation Command (TRANSCOM), and the moving industry. TRANSCOM then started a Personal Property Relocation Advisory Panel. (PPRA) as a forum for us to discuss TRANSCOM issues, an opportunity to provide feedback, and ways to come up with solutions to the PCS problem.

Megan has worked closely with the moving industry in efforts to have them step in when issues arise. If moving crews show up unprepared, do a poor job, or don’t do their job at all, Megan urges Moving companies to have regulations and policies in place to prevent this type of issue. So many times, these issues have caused undue stress for military members and their families.

Megan serves as an advocate, not just for military spouses, but for the military community at large in hopes that by communicating our shared stories, that change will be imminent.

In 2019, Megan has created so many new initiatives, like an increase on QA inspection rates and a 24/7 TRANSCOM Hotline. She also ensured that customer satisfaction surveys were issued after military moves.

In 2020, she hopes to advocate for extended claims filing times and adding PER DIEM baselines on inconvenience claims.

What would the title of Armed Forces Insurance Army Spouse of the Year mean?

Megan would have an opportunity to have a louder voice in the worldwide conversation of PCS reform. It would also validate all of the work and gain her an invitation to larger round tables where this issue is being analyzed and studied. Her greatest hope is to see the process streamlined and simplified for the benefit of military families every.Military families, who sacrifice and serve, should not have to suffer on account of poorly planned PCS processes or protocols.

As the 2020 Nominee for the Army Branch Military Spouse of the year, Megan needs your vote! You can go to https://msoy.afi.org/top18 and register to vote. Voting closes at midnight tonight, so act fast!

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