How Your Hogwarts House Determines Your Milspo Experience

In addition to being what you would call a “veteran” military spouse, I’m a proud Slytherin. Believe it or not, I have learned more about myself since finding out my Harry Potter House than I have in my over 30 years of being alive. I can also say that it has definitely affected my military experience in a lot of ways. I have asked the tough questions like“How can I get involved with my community?” and “What will my new house look like?” “Will I make friends here?” The answers to these have helped me adapt to military life at different stations by making me aware of my environment.

But I also wonder whether or not my neighbors are Ravenclaws, because they rarely come out outside. Or, whether the particularly perky lady from down the street who brought me all those presents when we first met is a Hufflepuff. You know, the important stuff.

The Potterverse has managed to take all of the personalities of the world and divide them into four distinct houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Where Zodiac signs and the Meyers-Briggs test once reigned supreme, the Sorting Hat has moved in and conquered.

Potter fans everywhere introduce themselves with their house, and fellow fanatics can discern things about them based on this (very relevant) piece of information.

The same is true for the milspouse community! Here are some ways your House can possibly affect your experience as a military spouse:

Gryffindor – The Advocate

Standing up for what you believe in is second nature to you, Gryffindor. Courage, bravery, and chivalry are the most telling traits of your House, and you fit them to a T. If someone hurts you or the ones you love, you aren’t afraid to hit ‘em with Petrificus Totallus (because it’s a legal spell, and you follow the law to the letter). You aren’t afraid to fight for what you believe. You’re very outgoing, and likely have a strong group of friends supporting you in your endeavors. As a spouse, you are likely heavily involved in your community, and have a cause that you are very passionate about. You enjoy advocating for other spouses in your community and making your voice heard at every opportunity.

Ideal Milspouse Bestie: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws are very calm, which can be a great benefit to a Gryffindor. A Ravenclaw can encourage their Gryffindor bestie to think before they act, as well as to take a breather every once in a while. A calm, collected Ravenclaw can help the impulsive, daring Gryffindor see that the world doesn’t always need saving.

Ravenclaw – The Creative

Ravenclaws are wise, creative, and stand above the rest when it comes to intellectual ability. Other spouses likely come to you when they have a problem and need advice. Ravenclaws love to lend a helping hand and will jump at the chance to use their intellect to solve any problem that comes their way (for example, creating the Lumos spell to light up a room in absence of a flashlight). Ravenclaws are the most accepting of the other Houses, and are likely to have friends from all walks of life. While you are friendly, your circle is likely small, with only a few close friends and a wide range of acquaintances. If you are not working outside the home, you likely have a home-based business selling handmade items, host a book/craft club, or both. While you like the occasional social outing, you are likely not a huge fan of crowds. You tend to be happiest at home, with a good book or the latest Netflix documentary to binge.

Ideal Milspouse Bestie: Gryffindor

Where the Ravenclaw would rather stay home, the Gryffindor is an outgoing social butterfly. Gryffindors can help bring Ravenclaws out of their shells by bringing them along to social events, and showing them that it’s okay to “people” more than once a month. Gryffindors will also be their Ravenclaw bestie’s biggest cheerleader, helping them to boost their confidence and reminding them that they are worthy.

Hufflepuff – The Welcome Wagon

On top of being super friendly, Hufflepuffs are known for loyalty, patience, and hard work. You will almost always go out of your way to make other spouses feel accepted and welcome. You love to help others and make sure that they are taken care of. You are likely passionate about finding and creating a community of spouses, and you love to host a variety of social events. As a spouse, you are probably heavily involved with your spouse’s club/FRG, a key spouse, and/or go out of your way to volunteer at every opportunity. As the friendliest of the Houses, you are kind to pretty much everyone – but that doesn’t mean that they should take advantage of that kindness. You are easy to befriend, and are the most loyal friend to those you love. You are an excellent role model of what it means to be a friend, as you have probably made it your mission to spread kindness throughout your community.

Ideal Milspouse Best Friend: Slytherin

“And they called it, Puffy loooooove!” Hufflepuff’s loyalty to their friends can only be matched by Slytherin. You can count on a Slytherin to protect you and make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of. You can also trust a Slytherin not to divulge your deepest secrets, most likely because they are just as vulnerable to you as you are to them. These two Houses understand what it’s like to be misunderstood, and it brings them closer than you can imagine.

Slytherin – The Spouse Who Does It All

Many say this is the “evil” house – but they just don’t understand those in Slytherin. Proud, cunning, resourceful, and ambitious – when you need something done right, look no further than your friendly neighborhood Slytherin. Bending the rules is second nature to this house (hey, a little Imperius Curse never hurt anyone...right?) when it comes to achieving their ends. Productivity and getting ahead are key for Slytherins, and so you are probably a leader – and if not, you are well on your way! Family is of the utmost importance to you – nothing comes before your spouse and kids, or even your parents and siblings. You enjoy helping your spouse rise in ranks, and attending military events with them is one of your favorite things to do (because hey, y’all look good together!). You are very loyal to those you love, and you would do anything – ANYTHING – for them. Slytherins are very choosy about who they grow close to – but they desire friendship and community as much as any other House. If you’re not already in the workforce, you’re likely running a home based business, going to school, or all of the above!

Ideal Milspouse Bestie: Hufflepuff

Slytherins are (almost) never vulnerable to others, but Hufflepuff’s loyalty makes them easy to trust. Meaningful connection is key to you, and you most definitely find that kind of friendship with those in Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs are also the least judgmental of the other Houses, which means that they won’t listen to any of the negative rumors they may hear about you. You can just be yourself with them, which makes them the best friends of all!

Don’t know your House? Head on over to to find out and share away!

Jillian is an Air Force spouse, proud Slytherin, and all-around creative soul. She's a California girl adjusting to Southern life with her husband, three kids, and three fur children. She's currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with a focus in child and adolescent development, is a part-time preschool teacher at her local Methodist church, and is an active volunteer within the Robins AFB community. In her spare time, Jillian enjoys reading, gaming, and crafting. Be on the lookout for her blog, "Milspouse, Mom, Geek" - launching in Fall 2020!


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