Hope to Cling to During COVID-19

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33 (ESV)

I have been meditating on this verse over the past couple of days as this COVID19 pandemic sweeps the world. Right now, I am on “social distancing” lock down with a 17-year-old boy (husband is stationed overseas) and it has definitely had its rough spots. For example, yelling at aforementioned 17-year-old to get out of the pantry for the third time in an hour and reminding him that we have to be prepared for the food we have in the house to be able to last us a long time if we need to, should the orders about staying home intensify from a recommendation to “social distance” becomes a full-fledged Italy style lock down.

While I am a person of faith, I am also a realist and I believe in being prepared. I am flexible but if I am going to switch to plan B I want to know what plan B is going to be. If I can also know what plans C and D are going to be that’s even better. Right now, however, with the information developing and changing not only daily but hourly this is next to impossible. I have had to remind myself who has control of the situation (not me!) and to whom I belong.

Military spouses know what it is to trust that the military has their best interests in mind and to be flexible to changing plans. This COVID-19 is no different, outside of the fact that it is not the military that we have to place our trust in. I am trusting that God has control of the situation and that there will be good that comes from all of this craziness swirling around right now. As with military life, God does not promise us that things will be easy, but he does promise to get us through and out to the other side. For a person who typically finds comfort in their ability to control a situation I am instead finding my peace in knowing that there is nothing I can do about this other than to take care of me and mine and let the Lord take care of the rest.

And so that is what I do. I’ve done my best to stock my house, without panic buying or hoarding more than we need. I’ve moved my work to be done from home as much as I am able. I’ve loaded up the Kindle with books to read (let’s be honest - it was loaded with books I’ve downloaded and not yet gotten to), and I’ve put the teenager on some type of schedule with a wake up time, chore time, academic time, time to get outdoors, and free time and tried to stick to that in order to have some structure in the day and I wait.

We will have tribulation. But God will overcome. Take heart my friends. Find your peace. He has the world in his hands. We will be OK in the end. We have hope to cling to.

Jennifer Burns is an active duty Air Force Spouse currently stationed with her husband at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. She is a West coast - East coast transplant still adjusting to mid-Atlantic winters. Jennifer works part-time for the United Methodist Church as a Home-bound Outreach lay minister and is an active volunteer in the DAFB community. She has also written for My Military Life, the official blog of the National Military Family Association. In her spare time Jennifer enjoys reading, scrap booking, and cooking/baking.


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