Check Out the Spouse Angle with Natalie Gross

Natalie Gross is a journalist of eight years who seeks to build a bridge between the everyday news cycle and military families. As an Army kid, she grew up moving and being a part of the military culture. Starting her journalism career as a newspaper reporter in New Mexico and then Texas, Natalie moved to freelance and eventually ended up working for Military Times.

While there, she remembered how much she loved the military community. In her work, she realized that sometimes military families had questions, which didn't always have clear answers. Information being shared top-down through chain-of-command would not always make it from the active-duty personnel to their spouse, leaving a gap of understanding when issues would have an impact.

Today there are many resources for military families, which help families locate important information or how to get connected. Yet, many spouses are on the go, between deployments, stay at home moms, working families, and volunteering, parsing through information trying to figure out what it means it can be time-consuming.

Natalie loved working for Military Times, but had to leave when she had her son. Upon returning to work, she needed to pump, and the podcast recording studio was also the pumping room for nursing mothers. Every day, she'd go in and pump while looking at the podcast equipment, thinking, "Hey, this looks fun! I could do this!" She thought of her military spouse friends she had made through the years and realized she had an idea that could help—making the news relatable to the military audience by sharing how it impacts them, in 25-45 minute podcast episodes. Easy to listen to while grocery shopping, driving, or running errands. In following this idea, she created an accessible way for mil spouses to understand and apply the news to their life through the Spouse Angle Podcast.

Whether the theme is the new DOD tenant rules (Ep. 19), spouse unemployment (Ep. 14), or what it means to have a military child who has special needs (Ep. 16), she navigates them with finesse and gumption. Our world of being a military spouse can feel overwhelming at times, and Natalie with the Spouse Angle Podcast is a lighthouse in the night. With her vibrant interviewing voice and engaging questions, she speaks with experts and/or spouses that the topics directly impact. Allowing her to share clear, confident truth that is easy to understand, every time.

Military life is different; from the Coronavirus memes of "life is canceled."

Welcome to Military Spouse life'; to figuring out how new information can change your next three years or even career in a split second, it is more important now than ever to have well-researched news that helps us know what to expect. Someone who has our best interests at heart. As of this printing, Natalie has just posted her 20th episode and shows no signs of slowing down. She reminded me that her podcast is growing because of the fantastic community that follows @SpouseAnglePodcast on Facebook and Instagram, who give her feedback, ideas, and encouragement. Those spouses who share their stories are the backbone of her podcast, and why she does what she does: because spouses and families crave clear answers and honesty. Natalie Gross, with the Spouse Angle Podcast, is here to deliver those answers and guidance, one episode at a time.

AJ sparks imagination and joy through art, entertainment, and events with her business In Joy Productions. As a military spouse, she creates sacred spaces for women to flourish through Red Tents, retreats, and soul art workshops. Facilitating conversations in engaging ways, she helps women move, totally embodied, through to world- allowing them to show up for themselves and others. Her heart is to change the traditions and stories we pass down to the next generation by creating brave spaces to share about womanhood, in all its phases. She lives in San Antonio, TX, with her husband Jeremy, two pups, a peace lily, and a bucket full of glitter for emergencies. She writes for SheLoves Magazine, GEMS Girls Club, and MilSpo Co. Connect with AJ at or @mermaidHarmony on Facebook and Instagram! JOIN THE MOVEMENT! We invite you to join us in creating a paradigm shift within the military spouse culture. We want to be at the forefront of creating a movement within our community that trades comparison for compassion. We want to replace the negativity that surrounds the MilSpouse culture with a positive image of personal fulfillment and success. We can be a group that raises each other up, building strong leaders and supporting new ideals. Join us by “liking” our Facebook page, subscribing to the blog, and linking us to your local “spouse’s” Facebook page!

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