Armed Forces Insurance 2020 MSOY Voting Opens

The Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year® (AFI MSOY) award was founded in 2008 to honor military spouses from all branches of service. More than one million military spouses support and maintain the home front while our service members defend this great nation.

The AFI MSOY award recognizes military spouses’ important contributions and unwavering commitment to the military community and our country.

The AFI Military Spouse of the Year award is so integral in celebrating the accomplishments, the volunteerism, and the change making achieved by exemplary military spouses. These phenomenal men and women are advocates, cheerleaders, world changers.

The MSOY platform allows them to collaborate and encourage one another towards achieving more for today's military members and their families. This title is awarded after a nomination and a subsequent round of voting to determine installation level winners. Popular cote will decide who will be promoted to the "top 18" for each spouse's respective branch. After that, a panel will review the award packages to determine branch level winners and the overall 2020 Military Spouse of the Year.

Voting opens on February 3rd and will remain open until the 7th. Registration is required to vote. Click here to register for voting.

MilSpo Co. is dedicated to telling the story- the story of what this military life is like- so that we can collectively change the narrative surrounding the military spouse community. We also want to champion those in our community who we know are actively working to make a difference. Here are the "movers and shakers" that you should be on the look out for in 2020!

Amanda Huffman

She is the Founder of Airman to Mom and podcast host for "Women of the Military." As a veteran, turned military spouse, Amanda is passionate about advocating for all of the women in the military community. She is a talented storyteller and a visionary in the military spouse space. She hopes by sharing their stories, she can bridge the gap between spouses and service members. Read more about

Amanda at her MSOY Profile page or connect with her at

Ashley Eller

Ashley is the Co- President of the Robins Air Force Base Spouse's Club. She rallied community support to provide affordable formals to military spouses and DOD Civilians through The Blue Boutique. In addition, she added a new element to project- FREE business attire for local spouses and military affiliated civilians. She is passionate about milspouse employment and constantly advocates for local businesses to source their employment opportunities to military spouses.

Read more about Ashley at her MSOY Profile page.

Aj Smit

AJ is un-apologetically herself and, in doing so, inspires others to embrace themselves wholeheartedly. She is the world's biggest cheer leader for self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. Doing what brings her joy, she shares meaningful experiences with her fellow military spouses. She drives connection and community. She is a fierce advocate for women everywhere- honing in on equipping women to love themselves, their bodies, and the people around them. Read more about Aj at her MSOY Profile page or connect with her @InJoyProductions.

Christin (Lexi) Fontaine

Lexi is a grassroots leader; whose mission is to serve other military spouses/families who struggle with any variety of medical situations. She exudes kindness and grace even in the face of her own chronic illness. Lexi chooses to lead with kindness. Her generosity is palpable as she walks in her intention; whether that is in executing daily random acts of kindness, her birthday blessings, or the 25 Days of Christmas Kindness. She is a brilliant example of exemplary leadership.- Katie Gomez. Read more about Lexi here.

Amber Conroy

Amber serves as a Military Spouse Reserve Mentor for the Military Advocacy Network, and Director of Public Affairs for the Nebraska Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. She is passionate about advocating for the unique needs and issues surrounding our guardsmen and reservists. With a heart for volunteerism and encouragement, Amber is an exemplary spouse, leaving a legacy for the military spouses who are to come. Read more about Amber here.

Megan Harless

Megan Harless is a fearless leader and PSC Reform champion. She strives to educate families on the regulations, policies, procedures, and how to be best prepared for their upcoming moves. She will continue to ask the hard questions, and push for positive changes that support and protect our families to make sure bad moves are the exception and not the expectation. Read more about Megan here or connect with her at

Kori Yates

Kori is the Director of Planting Roots, a nonprofit organization that encourages military women and wives to grow in their faith. She is an active member of this community, advocating for military spouses to get connected and flourish at their local installations. Read more about Kori here or connect with her Planting Roots.

Wendi Iacobello

Wendi's blog, Strength 4 Spouses, is an amazing encouragement and a life-line for many a milspouse.

She advocates for the four pillars of strength in military life; fitness, faith, volunteerism, and finding purpose. Wendi is a blessing to all who meet her, as she cheers military spouses on to find themselves and to give back. She is also the creator of the hashtag #morethanamilspouse. Read more about Wendi here or connect with her at her blog.

Kimberly Basco

Kimberly is the co-founder and operations director of InDependent, a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to championing military spouse wellness for over six years. Creating InDependent finally connected the dots of all of her business background, volunteer experience, and her passion for teaching yoga and mindfulness. Read more about Kimberly here or visit

Becky Hoy

Becky is the Founder of Brave Crate- an amazing countdown tool that encourages and inspires. Using the ongoing growth of Brave Crate's digital audience, she seeks daily to shift the paradigm around the deployment season and the military spouse experience through blogs, video discussions and social media posts drawing attention to the realities of deployment for military spouses while offering support, guidance and a connection to a community. Read more about Becky here or visit

Sonia Garza

Sonia is the proud Army Green Beret spouse of almost 12 years. She has served roles under the FRG, from the battalion leader, company POC, team POC/key caller, to fundraising chair. As the Special Oppettes chair (a playgroup formed for special forces spouses with children), she created monthly playgroup and coffee events. Read more about Sonia at her MSOY Profile or


Carrie Moschetto

Every Saturday, Carrie leads and organizes runs for the Wear Blue: Run to Remember in the Quantico area. These runs are made up of military and their families, Gold Star families, veterans and civilians. They honor our nations fallen, those still fighting, and the families of both. She is passionate about volunteering, serving those that sacrificially serve our country and their families. Read more about Carrie at her MSOY Profile Page.

Meg Flanagan

Meg Flanagan is a proud USMC spouse of 11 years, as well as a mother, business owner, and educator. She supports military families facing challenges in K-12 education, like IEPs, 504 Plans and Gifted Education needs. She is a fierce advocate for military spouses and their families, using her platforms to de-stigmatize mental health and resources. Read more about Meg at her MSOY Profile page.

Noralee Jones

Noralee is an FRG President, Freelancer, and MilSpouse resource finder. She is passionate about self-care and encouraging military spouses to find balance in their daily lives. She says " Focusing on self-care for yourself and your family can make such a huge difference in your health and wellness and therefore, also carry over into the service member's work and well being as well." Read more about Noralee at her MSOY Profile page.

Erika Hope Bradley

Erika is a breath of fresh air, sweeping through with encouragement everywhere she goes. She is passionate about raising awareness about mental heath and sharing resources with this community. She says "After being a "nation at war" for the last 18 years the implications have soaked into the fabric of our families." Read more about Erika at her MSOY Profile page.

These spouses exemplify what it means to stand by those who serve. They use their resources, platforms, and personal time to invest in changing the story for the military community. They are an elite class of men and women who are committed to making a difference in their communities.

How can you help them? You can vote! Voting will be open, beginning on February 3rd, and will not close until February 7th. Voting will help each of these spouses advance their reach to continue to advocate for military members and their families. MilSpo Co. stands besides this amazing group of spouses, in the hopes to support them and cheer them on. We hope that you will too.

You can be sure to meet all of the MSOY Candidates here!


We invite you to join us in creating a paradigm shift within the military spouse culture. We want to be at the forefront of creating a movement within our community that trades comparison for compassion. We want to replace the negativity that surrounds the MilSpouse culture with a positive image of personal fulfillment and success. We can be a group that raises each other up, building strong leaders and supporting new ideals.

Join us by “liking” our Facebook page, subscribing to the blog, and linking us to your local “spouse’s” Facebook page!

Megan Brown is a seasoned military spouse and military missionary. She is the Military Liaison for the Speak Up Conference Global Missions Military Scholarship, the Founder and Managing Editor for MilSpo Co., and the 2019-Armed Forces Insurance Robins AFB Military Spouse of the Year. She is passionate about military mission work, teaching and preaching about Jesus in and out of the local church. She lives in middle Georgia with her husband, Keith, and their energetic kiddos. She is a Bible teacher, speaker, and freelance writer. To learn more or connect with Megan, visit

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